Tools and Plants

We own and operate a well maintained fleet of modern plant and tools. The Plant & tools include the following:

Weigh Batch Machine RM 800 2 Nos
Full Load Cement Mixer Machine 4 Nos
Half Load Mixer Machine 12 Nos
Needle Vibrator / Electrical & Petrol 23 Nos
Electrical Sieving Machine 18 Nos
Breaking / Drilling / Cutting & Machine 23 Nos
Compressor 2 Nos
Earth Rammer 6 Nos
Blower 2 Nos
Compressor and Motors 8 Nos
Oil Engine 10HP 1 No
Generate 20KV 1 No
Vacuum Dewatering Pump 1 Nos
Power Travels 3 Nos
Total Station 1 No
Levelling Instrument, Dumpy level Ranging Rod, Levelling Staff etc,. 2 Nos
Theodolite 1 No
Compass 2 Nos
Centering Sheets (Size 3’0" x 2’0", 4’0" x 2’0", 3’0” x 1’6", 3’0" x 1’0", 3'0" x 0'9") Adjustable Sheet Jacky, Span 55,000 Sq.ft
Column Boxes Each 20 Nos
Steel Scaffolding 42,000 Sq.ft.


Digital Compressive Testing Machine 2000 KN Computerized Result (Lawrence and Mayo – Make)
Sieving Analysis Brass
Slump Cone Test Cone
Cube Mould
Plaining Machine
Cutting Machine
Carving Machine
Cutting Blade Sharpening Machine
Erection Equipments & Accessories Builders Hoist 3 Nos
Tripod Lift 7 Nos
Welding Machine & Cable
Grinding Machine
Cutting Machine
Drilling Machine
Gas Cutting Torch with Regulator
Tools Set
Mahindra Maxx Maxi. Truck 2 Nos
Tractor with Trailer 1 No
Water Tanker Trailer 4 Nos
Container 20'0" X 8’0" X 6’0" 8 Nos
Safety Net
Barrier Caution Taps
Air Protection Mask
Reflective Vest
Respiratory Protection
Hard Hats
Fire Kits
Reflective Cones
Safety Belt